Thursday, January 1, 2009

Date Number 2: Wheeling

Bobby called a couple days later and said that he had been really nervous on our date. Hmmm...that could explain some of the weirdness. Maybe I could give him a second chance. I wasn't quite willing to give up the friendship we had made over the last couple months. I had enjoyed emailing him and talking to him on the phone. I thought he was honest, sincere, slightly silly and had a nice outlook on life and the world. Plus, he was in dental school, which meant that he had a goal and was willing to work exceptionally hard to achieve it. All very good qualities in a man.

After Thanksgiving we decided that we would drive and meet half way between Columbus and Morgantown. Bobby was in charge of finding the place and activity and he picked Wheeling, West Virginia. I Map Quested it and, what!? A two hour drive!? In the middle was supposed to be an hour and a half, and now he was getting the better end of the deal. What is this? I was half tempted to call him back and tell him no thank you. But I suppose I realized I was being selfish; he had driven 3 hours to see me, surely I could drive 2?

We met at a Chinese restaraunt in Wheeling and had a yummy dinner...Bobby has since come to adore this place and often stops on his way back from seeing me to get some take out. Still slightly awkward, but a lot better than the first date. We were able to talk more openly and freely about ourselves and our lives. Bobby had a beard at this point, which threw me off a bit, I like a little scruff, but he was getting pretty grizzly. After dinner we went to Dairy Queen and had some ice cream, which earned him points, since I love ice cream, and then the evening got veeeerrrry interesting. I wanted to go to Oglebay Park. A friend at work told me that they have wonderful Christmas light displays, so we tried that, but the traffic was abominable. So Bobby called a friend who told him we needed to go to Cabela's.

If you haven't been on a date to Cabela's, consider yourself lucky. Cabela's is a wonderful mecca, only for those who like to kill things. It's a delight for the avid sportsman, fisherman and hunter types who love guns and all things outdoors. These souls make the pilgrimage to Cabela's from miles around. Now, I love the outdoors, I grew up fishing with my grandpa and dad, but this was not my idea of a fun date activity. Cabela's is NOT a romantic setting, it does NOT make for intimate conversation and a budding relationship. Cabela's is full of DEAD animals and all the implements to make them that way. In short, I was wondering what this man was thinking bringing me here.

We wandered for awhile and then, then Bobby had the smashing idea of making me try on orange hunting garb and taking pictures. The nerve of this man! I was barely enjoying myself, and he thought it was going to be great fun documenting our fabulous date by dressing me up in hunting gear and recording this moment for all time. Hmmph.

We finally went back to my car and he gave me a kiss on the cheek with his scruffy beard and I told him that he needed to shave. All I thought as I drove away was, "Great, now he's going to think I want to kiss him."

For the record, I did NOT want to go out with him again.

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