Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The first date

Bobby arranged that he and his brother, Xax, would drive to Columbus on November 17 to go to the temple and we would meet afterwards. He needed a fail safe plan, you see...even if our date was an utter disaster, at least he would have gotten to go to the temple. Smart man. My fail safe was that at least I was going to get free dinner and if this didn't work out, at least I didn't drive 3 hours both ways for it.

We were going to meet at Easton in Barnes and Noble. Bobby and Xax got lost getting there (something that I would learn is not uncommon with Bobby) so I hung out awhile waiting. I was up on the 2nd floor reading and looking at books when he texted me that he was waiting for me by the customer service desk. I took the escalator down, looking for him and spotted him, grinning up at me like a goofball. First impression: nice looking (I have since found him to be oh-so-cute, and quite dashing), on the skinny side (he's gained a couple since we met, which I like) and balding (hmmm...nope, don't really care about that one, except I think balding men need to keep their hair SHORT).

Meeting someone you've only talked to on the phone before and have some kind of mutual attraction expectation can be a little awkward. I knew exactly how to email him and chit chat with him on the phone, but this whole in-person thing caught me off guard. We said hi and had some vague semblance of a conversation while drinking hot chocolate. We walked over to Crate & Barrel so he could see where I worked (and I had to show him anyway because he had never even heard of the place). Then we wandered around the mall for awhile. The setting was lovely...it was evening, all the holiday lights were up, the weather wasn't too cold. But it was weird. We were trying to have meaningful conversation, but it wasn't the same as it had been on the phone. Plus, he kept picking up change off the ground. For heaven's sake! It's a gross dirty penny, or maybe a dime if luck struck. Leave it alone!

We ate at a middle eastern restaurant, Cafe Istanbul, which I really like. Bobby was excited because he was stationed in Turkey when he was in the Air Force, so we thought it would be a fun place to eat. Bobby kept asking the staff if they had particular things he remembered from Turkey...he kept asking, over and over and over. I just wanted to order and eat. We talked for a bit, about life and anything we wanted to know about each other. We got our food and Bobby didn't like any of it. I loved the hummus and he kept saying that it wasn't that good. By that time I wanted to leave the restaurant.

We walked around for a little bit more and then met up with Xax. Bobby and Xax decided they needed to leave since they had a long drive home, so Bobby walked me to my car. I hoped the whole time that he wouldn't try to kiss me, because I don't like to kiss on the first date, and I really didn't want to kiss him on the first date. We hugged (I would later find out that he thought I wanted to kiss him, but he resisted) and I drove away.

Last thoughts? Cute guy, really nice and sweet, a little goofy, but NO WAY am I going out with him again.

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