Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We're back! We finally got the computer back last night...it seems to be working just fine. Darn it. We were hoping for a new computer. Oh well. But now that we're up and running again you can see some more of the cuteness that is Ruby.

We had a great Thanksgiving. It was just the three of us and was nice and laid back. We had a great dinner and really just enjoyed being together as a family which is what I'm most thankful for.

We had to include this picture of Ruby eating. Bobby gets a kick out of her every time she eats because she just about dislocates her jaw with how wide she opens her mouth. This girl loves her food!

Ruby totally cracks us up: whenever we want to take a picture of her we don't have to do a thing to get her to smile. She knows she's supposed to and she is extremely cheesy about it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Hiatus

We're going to be sans computer for a couple weeks. It's been giving us some trouble for a while now and we finally decided to try and get it fixed while the warranty is still in effect, so we're shipping the computer off to the hospital. Hopefully it'll come back to us good as new...or maybe we'll be able to get a new one :)

Either way, there won't be much new going on the blog until we're up and running again. As soon as we've got a computer in our hands again you can bet there will be some new cute pictures of Ruby for all to see.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A new way to play with old toys...

Ruby plays with her floor gym once in a while now. It's just not quite as fun as it used to be. But today she found a way to make this old toy new again...

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Visitor

Bobby's niece Rachael was in our neck of the woods this weekend and decided to stop by on her way back to California. We had a great time hanging out with her for a couple hours and Ruby loved meeting a new cousin.

We love you Rachael...Ruby can't wait to see you again soon!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

One thing that I'm thankful for...

My family. I grew up in a warm, loving home where I always felt nurtured, cared for and totally accepted as myself. My parents are wonderful examples to me and I always have so much fun visiting with them. And I love how much Bobby likes to spend time with them, too. And now that Ruby's here, it's so much fun seeing them being doting grandparents and knowing that Ruby has a couple more people on this earth who love her almost as much as we do.

My siblings are so much fun to hang out with and I'm always excited for the next time we're going to see each other. We laugh, cry, share in hilarity and disappointment and through it all we love each other to pieces. Oh, and by the way twin sister of mine (you know who you are) you need to update your blog...I'm suffering from niece withdrawal.

I love you guys!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Piano Playing

Ruby has enjoyed banging on our piano for a few weeks now. It's gotten so that she knows exactly what a piano is and what she's supposed to do with one: every time we go to church and she's near a piano, she lunges for it and happily slaps her little hands on the keys. This girl is going to make beautiful music one day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One thing that I'm thankful for...

Ruby. Gosh that little girly is just about the cutest thing in the entire world. When I was pregnant I was so excited for her to be born so that I could finally meet her, but those first few days were rough! There were times I couldn't think straight and I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. So many mothers say that the newborn stage is divine and they love it...I struggled to get through it. But little by little this peanut became a bigger and bigger part of my heart and now I can't look at her without thinking about how in love with her I am.

I'm so thankful for Ruby and her sweetness, curiosity, giggles and for the moments when I'm next to her and she just rests her hand on my cheek and looks in my eyes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

One thing that I'm thankful for...

My husband. Bobby is such a wonderful husband and father. He works so hard in school so that one day he'll be able to be a great dentist and to provide for our family. He tells me everyday how much he loves me and he's willing to help me around the house when I'm too tired and burnt out to do it myself.

He's also a great daddy. I knew he would be, but I don't think he ever thought he would love it as much as he does. He loves coming home to his girl and playing with her and seeing her grow and laugh and scoot across the room. Ruby loves her daddy too and always has humongous smiles for him when he comes home. I have a feeling she's going to be a daddy's girl through and through.

I'm so grateful that I found such a kind, spiritual, loving man and that I was smart enough to marry him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Always Fun When Grandparents Come!

We've loved spending the last few days with my parents. They always have such a great time with Ruby and we love having them in our home. We had a great time, as always, and it's always hard to say goodbye.

We took walks, ate some yummy treats, played games and had so much fun together.

Grandma and Grandpa decided that Ruby needed a ball and we'd go to the store the next day to get her one. I told Bobby about this plan and he said, "We have a little soccer ball in the car she could play with, don't we?" And I replied, "Yes, but Grandpa really wants to buy her a ball." Bobby is just now learning about how spoiled a little girl can get by her doting grandparents. So we headed out to the store the next day to get Ruby her first ball.

Grandma gave Ruby horsey rides.

Grandpa read stories.

And Ruby just can't wait until she can see her Grandma and Grandpa Somers again.