Saturday, March 9, 2013

A New Home

Sorry I've been slacking with the posts lately. You see, we've been busy working on our latest project:

We closed on our new home yesterday and have been spending the last couple months feverishly searching for a home, working on our loan application and getting our rental move out ready. We've had a lot on our plate.

But can I tell you how super-duper excited I am to have our own home? I have all sorts of ideas brewing and there's already projects in the works, as you'll see over the next little while. But enough just want to see pictures, right?

It's a very cute home in an excellent neighborhood. A couple parks, a fabulous elementary school, an open space at the end of our street, walking distance to the rec center, the location is just about perfect. However, the house itself is less so. It's very builder-grade with very little personality but that just means there's lots of room for us to have fun. The snow is dumping on us right now, so I don't have a good exterior shot right now, you'll have to wait on that.

The living room and dining room are up front and will make a cozy little spot to welcome visitors and eat some grub.

The kitchen. Most of my mental energy is focused here. It's a pretty big space but is sadly lacking in functionality since the storage and counter space are so limited. I've got big plans for this room!

The family room. We'll definitely put a fireplace in here sometime down the road. Because, seriously, how else is Santa going to get in?

Upstairs we have three bedrooms, with a fourth bedroom possible by just putting up a wall. The basement is finished so we've got a great spot for kiddos to play and a guest room for visitors.

And of course, what Ruby may be most excited about is a back yard. The perfect size for her to run around and not to kill us trying to maintain it.

We are in love with our new home. We definitely weren't the first time we saw it, but house hunting isn't easy in these go quick, there aren't very many on the market and we love the congregation we attend and wanted to stay there. I was able to see the vision of what this house could become and it took some convincing Bobby. But we are just so grateful to have a house to call a home and can't wait to share its transformation with you!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

He's found the toilet paper...

Great...he's also been eyeing the kitchen cupboards. Our house is about to become a disaster 24/7. But he does look rather cute when he's being mischievous, doesn't he?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When Ruby and Jack play together...

Ruby and Jack absolutely love spending time together. If Ruby's been off by herself she always has to come and check in to find out where Jack is and what he's doing. Jack follows Ruby around the house constantly and if she goes upstairs to play, he'll frequently camp out at the bottom of the stairs until she comes back. The cuteness is just about more than I can take.

Ruby has had a hard time the last couple months figuring out exactly how to play with her little brother. He's very mobile and vocal now and she forgets how little he still is. He's a pretty good sport, though, and puts up with quite a lot.

Case in point:

Of course we are good parents...we always make sure to save Jack after we take a picture.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Stupid Dream

So this post is definitely not full of cute pics of angel children. I had a dream last night in which the whole family participated. We were all staying at the Vatican in the apartment right next to the Pope, as if that would ever happen!!! Maggie and I were using the same conjoined bathroom the Pope used. We all went to bed that night and that is when the excitement started. There was an assassination attempt on the life of the Pope. Apparently some renegade Swiss Guards were using antiquated cannons to blow holes in the Pope's apartment. In the morning the Pope was no longer there and nobody knew where he was. Upon my investigation, I discovered a secret passageway behind the Pope's bed; however the nefarious Swiss Guards didn't want to publicize this because it would reveal their underground secret network of tunnels throughout the Vatican. Of course we were all in shock, because we felt that didn't matter when we had a chance to save the Pope. This is pretty much the core of the story. I know I know, this is not worthy of publishing. Annie, you have no fear of me competing with you on the NYT best-seller list that is for sure.