Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Bobby and Maggie Chronicles: Valentine's Day

So, I'm now resuming our dating biography and slowly but surely, the entire story will come out and everyone will know the truth and there will be no more secrets to hide. A week or so after Bobby came to visit me around New Year's we met in Cambridge. Bobby had a surprise for me, so we sat in his car as he handed me a small red gift bag that had some candy in it and he asked me if I would be his valentine. I thought this a little odd as Valentine's Day was a month away. I guess he was just trying to cover all his bases, because I guess I could find another valentine in the meanwhile.

So the weeks passed and as Valentine's Day rolled around we decided I would spend the weekend at Bobby's since he had to study for tests. I spent the two weeks prior making my present for him. I put together a study kit that included snacks and games and some homemade chocolates (chocolate and caramel covered pretzels, chocolate covered oreos and cherry cordials). I didn't want to be too extravagent, because there still weren't any strings attached to anything in this relationship, but I did want him to feel like I did something a little special.

I arrived on Friday night and we got dressed up to go to a dance with his ward. It was fun because I finally got to meet his friends and talk with them and see more of his life. Everyone was very friendly and kind and I had a great time. Bobby had a great time because he got to show me off and let his friends see how lucky he thought he was. He was just a little buoyed up by the general two-thumbs-up he got for me. It was nice just to dance and be silly and laugh together.

Saturday, however, was a horse of a different color (name the movie...). Bobby had to study all day which meant that he was holed up in his little cave he called his office and I was left to my own devices. I call his office a cave, but really it was his whole house, because he has lovely windows throughout his home, but because of paranoia of being robbed (don't ask me why) he would NEVER open his curtains. Since moving in, I have made a habit of letting the sun shine in and being able to see what's actually going on in the world outside. Anyway, he studied and I did nothing. I watched TV for a little while, read for a little while, and just putzed around for a little while. It was horrible. It made me seriously question my interest in this man...because I get bored waaaay too easily and sitting around like that waiting for him was not my idea of fun.

But, I can be stubborn, so I stuck it out. Sunday was a little better; we went to church together and hung out for a little while. It was hard leaving him that evening because I felt more than a little cheated out of a wonderful, lovely, romantic Valentine's Day weekend. And it did make me question just a little if I would be able to handle having a serious relationship with a serious dental student, but I still really enjoyed him so I decided to give it more time. Besides, he was really starting to grow on me...


Annie said...

I know, I know! Wizard of Oz :)

McArthur Family said...

I remember you guys at that dance. I remember thinking what a darling girl bob brought to the dance.

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

I remember meeting you at the Valentine's dance and hoping that things worked out between the two of you.

Yeah, there are some downs to being married to a dental student, but it will get better after boards this summer. And until then, when Bob is holed up in his cave, give me a call and we'll play!

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

You guys are too cute!