Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Job

Here is a new post to let everybody know how the new job is going. The clinic here in Colorado is just night and day difference from the one in Texas. This is a very nice clinic with all the amenities; I feel like I am in dental Heaven :) The staff is friendly and everything is well organized. Although I miss the kind and wonderful people from our church in Beeville, this has just been an absolutely wonderful move for us. Maggie is so happy to be able to have a selection in all of her shopping. Ruby couldn't be happier to have all her little playmates at church. It is so darling to watch her interact with little kids her age. Even if my job was horrible, seeing the satisfaction that Maggie and Ruby have from being here is worth it. I have really enjoyed my first week at work and hope that I grow to love it even more as the year rolls on.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We're Back!

Yes, it has indeed been too long, but we are back in the land of the living...the land where the internet lives, to be exact. We made it to beautiful Colorado on January 1st, but haven't had internet until yesterday....and yes, that is way too long to be without. But, now we are wired again to the world, Ruby can watch Backyardigans, we can watch our TV and we can let all of you know our goings-on.

We got here on the 1st (Sunday) and our stuff didn't arrive until Thursday, so we had a great time *sarcastically said* sleeping on an air mattress and sitting on the floor to eat, and roaming around an empty house. Which, must be said, Ruby took in stride and did really well with. She did such a great job with the whole move and settled right into our new house, we are proud of her! But I was ready to start calling our house a home and was just about ecstatic when our truck came.

The home that we're renting is beautiful, it's almost unpacked and we've (I should say I've, because let's face it, Bobby doesn't decorate) almost finished decorating it and it's almost our own. I'll post pics in a couple days after all the unpacking madness has settled down, which is imminent.

We've had a great time exploring our new city. Being back in civilization is great...we've figured out that small town living is not for us. We can't wait to share our new adventures!