Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Honeymoon!

Bobby planned a wonderful honeymoon to Panama. It was exciting, neither of us had been there before, and the weather had been so snowy and cold in Utah and Idaho that we were looking forward to warm, tropical sunshine.

Our first day we stayed in Panama City and took a tour with a wonderful guide named Giselle. It was fascinating seeing the city and all the architecture and learning about the history of the country.

We saw the canal, which is was incredible. Bobby and I just stood there for about an hour watching ships go through. It's amazing what those engineers and workers were able to accomplish.

The famous golden altar:

We enjoyed eating a lot of fresh seafood, and Ceviche became our favorite dish to eat while we were in Panama...we had it 4 times and being the dorky foodies that we are, had to analyze each one and decide which was the best.

Panama City was a lot of fun, but there was still a lot more to do! Stay tuned for the next installment...


Annie said...

The famous golden altar of what? Was this a cathedral? It looks like such a fun start to your honeymoon. I can't wait for more pictures!

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Wow, love the pics! Wish we could have gone, looks fabulous!