Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

I left work early on New Year's Eve, earlier than I had thought. I was supposed to get into Morgantown around 7 or 8 but I ended up leaving work around 2 which put me into Morgantown around 5. I called Bobby on the way and let him know and I could tell he went into panic mode. "Is it okay if I'm there that early?" "Oh yeah, of course!" (said quite frantically) I laughed to myself. "Is this going to screw up your dinner?" "No, no. You can come whenever you want." He had been bragging to me about how good of a cook he was, so I was eager to put him to the test. But, knowing what it's like to cook a nice dinner and have your timing get thrown off, I didn't want him to think he had to be totally ready by the time I got there.

When I arrived he was so excited to see me and his house smelled wonderful and he was bustling around the kitchen trying to make sure everything was perfect. He was really quite cute...frenetic, but cute. So I sat down and we chatted while he finished his preparations and we ate. Scallops for an appetizer. Yummy. And some sort of a curry coconut chicken dish. Really good (though I would find out that generally everything he makes is a curry variation. He needs to mix it up a bit more.) and it was very sweet that he went through all the trouble.

After dinner we went to the church for a party his ward was having. We hung out for a little while, played games and talked with some friends and went back to his house. By that time we just waited for midnight and kissed. Then just spent time talking, which was the best part of the night. We stayed up until 3 am learning more about each other. Finally realizing what time it was (and that we're old and can't handle staying up that late) we went to bed. He went and stayed in his mom's house and I slept in his bed. Which meant I didn't sleep very well because I never sleep well the first night I'm staying in a different bed.

The next morning we hung out and then went to a movie...I have no idea which one, but we had fun and then went to his mom's house and I got to meet her. I thought she was a sweet, funny, feisty little woman and it was nice to see her and Bobby interacting. She fed us and by then it was time for me to pack up and go home.

I was really impressed with his life in Morgantown. I had been curious to see how he lived and how abysmal his bachelorhood was, but I was pleasantly surprised. His house was clean (I've never really seen it in total disarray, because he's really good about cleaning before I come) and he seemed to be able to take care of himself. Major points for him there.

Hmmm...I think I'm starting to like this boy.

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