Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Honeymoon! Part 3

We were driven back to the Pacific side of Panama on a horrible car ride throught the country on roads to windy that I thought I was going to be sick so I put my head on Bobby's lap and tried my best to sleep. He toughed it out, but even his iron stomach had a hard time with the curves. However awful we felt though, I have to admit that Panama is a beautiful country. There are some lovely things to see driving through the varied landscape.

We made it to Bocas Chica and took a boat taxi to our hotel, Cala Mia. This was by far my favorite place on our honeymoon. As we drove up to our hotel, we saw that there was absolutely nothing there but the hotel, it was completely secluded. Bobby saw that and was a little dismayed. I saw that and thought it was going to be great. Bobby's trepidation about not having enough to do was quickly put to rest as we found out how great it was to relax, do nothing and just enjoy each other.

The hotel was just individual bungalows...here's ours:

We loved spending time on the beach, Bobby's favorite thing to do was kayaking and mine was collecting shells.

We enjoyed spending the evenings reading in the hammock by the clubhouse.

We spent one morning hiking up a hill on the island and enjoyed the world around us and the beautiful view.

We really enjoyed Cala Mia, and since it was so isolated everyone came together as a community. We all ate dinner together in the evening and Bobby and I had a great time chatting with the other guests and getting to know some wonderful people.

Unfortunately, our stay there had to end and we flew back to Panama City to spend our last day there.


Annie said...

I think this one has been my favorite by far. Reminds me of the beach vacations we'd take as a family where we'd do nothing but just have fun together. Such a pretty place!

McArthur Family said...

Ahhh, that looks and sounds perfect.

Hey what's your email address. I want to send you an invite to our exercise group that is starting on Friday. I don't know what your day to day is like, but we are going to be working out every Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:45am at the Family Ward Bldg. Some of the girls you might know at Abby, Britta, Katie Johnson, me...and you can meet a bunch more!

Email me if you are interested- mcarthur_amber@yahoo.com

Mom said...

I agree with Annie, Cala Mia looks like our kind of place! I can see why you loved it so much.