Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shannon's Bridal Shower

We had a shower for the beautiful-bride-to-be, Miss Shannon Roylance, this weekend. She's marrying Bobby's brother, Xax, and we had a great time! Lot's of yummy food, thanks Allison!

And of course, a somewhat embarrassing game involving Shannon guessing answers Xax made about their relationship. She was then required to eat a marshmallow everytime she got an answer wrong. I have to admit, I admired her for that because I hate marshmallows, and it could have gotten a little messy if I was the one doing the eating.

We love you Shannon and can't wait for the wedding!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dress Party

The dental school holds a formal every year and this year it happens to be this weekend. So, I've been looking for a dress, and I found one at a great store here in town, which Annie and Maren, when you come to visit, I must take you to. Think Marshall's and TJ Maxx but cheaper! As it happens the whole group of us girls who are going all found dresses but they need a little work to make them, ahem, modest. Think backs, fronts, sleeves, etc. So we got together this weekend at Britta's house to brainstorm, come up with some ideas and generally just have fun together.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What the heck are loupes?

So, while we were dating, Bobby kept talking about dental loupes. They were these amazing, miraculous devices that would make any dentist's life, let alone any dental student's life, just divine. They are objects of power, a kind of status symbol if you will, and apparently they bless the wearer with supremely awesome tooth chiseling skills. I really had no idea what they were except that they somehow made Bobby's life easier and they were very expensive.

So he had a cheap pair and then he was able to get a much nicer pair. So, here are the loupes...cute, no? No?! Well, I think he looks a little silly to be honest, but if it helps him do better, then by all means, wear the loupes!

Monday, February 16, 2009

No, we're not dead...

So, now that the camera trauma is behind us, there is yet another disturbing event that has interfered with regular posting. Bobby's computer has gone the way of all the earth. It's always been slightly tempermental, and just a little finicky when it comes to things like, oh, I don't know, say...turning on. But a few days ago it turned off for good and nothing could convince it to start. Bobby asked me if I would call Gateway and try to get some tech support, but it's past its warranty and tech support now costs money (and me, knowing the kind of man my husband is, decided not to do it). So I started piddling with it and plugged it in and tried to turn it on when I smelled the concerning smell of smoke...Hmmm...I don't think computers are supposed to smell that way. Needless to say, we now don't have internet or a computer. Which is why the posts have ceased.

I'm at Xax's right now, and hopefully we can get a new computer soon. Bobby can requested a loan from the school to pay for a laptop, so he's working on that and--cross your fingers-- we might be up and running in another week or so.

Anyway, our lives have been pretty much the same since we returned from our honeymoon. Bobby studies a lot, especially lately since he's going through midterms, and I cook to keep him fed and go to work at my afterschool elementary program. We both have fun and love to see each other in the evenings and spend some precious time together.

And, in the near future, there may even be wedding pictures to be seen...if we can ever get this technology thing straightened out.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Latest

So the camera cable is nowhere to be found. Then I had the brilliant idea that I would just put Bobby's memory card into my camera and all would be well. Unfortunately, his camera uses a different card then mine does. Alas, those pictures are now lost forever and no one will ever know how beautiful they were. Everyone will just have to settle for me just telling you what we've been up to...But don't worry! My camera batteries are now charged and ready for action!

We had our friends Daniel and Katie Johnson over for a game night on Saturday...and of course they brought their adorable little girl along, Miss Madeleine (they couldn't just leave her at home, that would be irresponsible!). She is oh-so-cute and so round and plump that I just want to take a bite out of her. Anyway, we played games...specifically Banagrams, a fun crossword/scrabblish game my sister Annie gave to us. And of course we had something sweet, in this case a strawberry cream pie. We had fun, and we're grateful for our friendship with these very sweet people.

Sunday was gorgeous...45 degrees and beautiful and sunny, so Bobby and I took his brother, Xax's, dog for a walk. It was swampy and oozy and messy since the snow had just melted, but Meech had a great time and we enjoyed the sun. She loved romping through the sludge, and got most of it on Bobby and me, but it's always a lot of fun to see how entertained she is by a stick. I wish I could be entertained that easily...


I have been awful at posting this week! Sorry! Bobby and I haven't done much of anything lately and then when I went to pull out my camera to take some pics so I could make a beautiful lovely post for everyone to read....low and behold ALL of my batteries were dead. All three sets. Bummer.

So, I pulled out Bobby's camera and took some fun pictures of what we've done this weekend and right now he's frantically searching to find the cable that will magically transfer those pics to his computer. In all the moving in, unpacking and organizing we can no longer find his box of cables, wires and other techno paraphernalia.

As soon as we do, I promise to write a new post and keep you updated on our lives.