Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Double Date

This weekend Bobby and I doubled with some great friends of mine. Lindy and Fredo both work at Crate & Barrel and attend my ward. Lindy and I thought it would be fun to go to a haunted house, so she found a haunted forest we went to on Saturday night. We had tons of fun, scaring eachother more than anything and enjoying a great autumn evening. Between chainsaws, zombies and armless monsters it was a spooky time all around and we had some good laughs.

We came back to my apartment and had ice cream sundaes and sat and talked. I'll definitely miss these guys when I move in December, they're both so much fun and it's friendships like this one that makes moving bittersweet.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cabela's Magic Fun House

Maggie and I are coming up on a year since we last went to Cabela's and we decided to commorate that time with another visit. For those who haven't been there it is a place of magic and wonder. If you ask Maggie, the magic and wonder come from the magic that anybody would ever go there and wondering how she ever fell in love with me after I took her here?? :) You can obviously tell by her reaction in this pic that she is giddy as a school girl to take this field trip.

Of course we all must know that there is dentistry in everything. Here we are at a furious polar bear showing me his pearly whites. If you can't tell from the pic, I am pointing to my choppers and his. I think he was upset because Maggie was wanting to run around the store dressed in hunter orange and that scared him, thank goodness I stopped her.

What can I really say about this pic?? Maggie and I were discussing geopolitics and out of nowhere comes this 9 foot bear wanting to crash our conversation. Maggie got scared, squeeled, but really she had nothing to fear....I was nearby and would surely save her....as soon as I got this picture.

So I have something a little embarrassing to admit...I don't know the difference between a yak and a musk ox. I inappropriatley set up this picture to depict a double yak. I was really feeling in the groove with capturing the expression and struggle of our generation with this talent I have been blessed with, my craft, my photography that is me....but then Maggie crashed the vision with realization that it wasn't a yak after all. It looks like a yak doesn't it?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Misery Loves Company

Now Bobby says that he loves dental school. And I believe him. It's something he's wanted to do for a very long time and he's incredibly passionate about it and excited for the day that he can be all grown up and be a dentist. And of course I'm not complaining about his career choice, it means I'll be able to have pretty teeth for free for the rest of my life.

But sometimes, dental school can be excruciatingly painful. Like when there's three tests in one week, or two tests on the same day, or when the students practice giving eachother injections (I think I could handle the tests better than the...shudder...shots). So it's times like those that I know the friendships Bobby's made in school mean a lot to him. He's got buddies to commiserate with and celebrate with.

Here's his friend Dave.

And Josh. Good times in dental school...whether he's acing his tests or barely squeaking by, they're there for eachother, through thick and thin, through teeth and gums...It's just beautiful isn't it?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wheeling Park

Bobby and I spent yesterday in Wheeling, WV just enjoying the beautiful autumn weather and eachother (really not enjoying Wheeling that much, because let's face it, Wheeling doesn't have that much to offer). A long time ago Wheeling used to be a big coal/iron/steel city and was a booming place...alas times have changed, luck turned, and now Wheeling is just a dead city. Although there is a casino! When I need to get my much needed dose of cigarette smoke, gambling and your garden variety carousing in, I can always go there. No. I'm just kidding.

We spent the day eating lunch at a chinese restaurant, eating ice cream and the best part was spending a few moments in the park. The leaves turning made it a wash of brilliant colors, and the sunshine and crisp air was perfect. I love beautiful fall days!

We found this statue dedicated to those who fought in the Civil War:

What I do enjoy about these funny little places where we meet is learning about the local history and the interesting stories behind them. We've definitely made some very fun memories along the way, and though I really won't miss all this ridiculous meeting for a few hours and saying goodbye, I will enjoy the experiences we've had learning more about eachother and finding little spots that are just ours.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He Can Cook

Bobby loves my cooking and I love cooking for him so I think that works out well, don't you? When we first started dating and I would drive to Morgantown to spend the weekend there, Bobby would try his hardest to impress with his culinary skills and foodie knowledge. It was sweet. Then he found out I could cook and that was the end of his cooking for me. He hasn't really cooked for me in quite a while. So he gave it another go by preparing two meals this weekend.

We stopped first at a Philippino grocery store to pick up some ingredients. Bobby served his mission in the Philippines and when he found out this little store existed in Columbus he was ecstatic. We've gone before and he loves talking to the people there and picking up some really interesting food. While we were there he asked for some advice on the dishes he was going to make.

The first was a Philippino dish that Bobby loves called Chicken in Adobo (I think that's right...) It's a combination of chicken, potatoes and rice with a soy/vinegar sauce that in theory sounds absolutely delicious. In theory. Something went terribly wrong however and while the meal was edible, and I might even go so far to say it was okay, let's just say I didn't want to lick my plate clean. But I thought my man looked pretty darned cute in the kitchen trying to impress me like he used to.

On Sunday he tried again:

And the results were much better! The tuna appetizer was quite delish...although he made it with some subpar frozen tuna steaks that I had on hand, so being the modest chef that he is, stated that it was only okay.

The turkey dish was delicious! We roasted some turkey thighs and he made a Thai style sauce with peanut butter and coconut milk that was quite tasty if I do say so myself.

I love it when he cooks for me and does sweet things like this...Let's just say it's romantic.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Frisbee Golf

Bobby and I went to a frisbee golf course near my place on Saturday. The location was scenic and gorgeous, the weather was glorious and all was lovely. Except my throwing a frisbee. There's one little problem with it: I can't throw one. Okay, I can throw a frisbee...kind of...it just ends up only going about twenty feet, in the WRONG direction. See, I look like I can throw a frisbee:

Now, Bobby on the other hand, can throw a frisbee quite well. His sailed through the air beautifully. Although, I think he looked a little silly.

He kept telling me, "Snap your wrist! It's all in the butt! Use your hips!" I think he just wanted to see me waggle my derriere in front of him.

And by the time we were leaving the moon was fat and lazy in the sky and absolutely beautiful.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun and Games

So Bobby tells me that dental school is soooo hard. Difficult classes, mountains of studying, about a bazillion terms to memorize, not to mention working on the dexterity of his fingers while making molds, preparations, etc. for various things that he'll stick in somebody's mouth someday. So he tells me. And then he sends me a picture like this:

That's Bobby and his good friend and fellow student Kwang. He claims that they were wearing 3d glasses to see a 3d model of plaque and how it develops. Hmmmm....seems like it's all fun and games to me.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I really must add to the recent blog entry about my apparent lack of romance. I do admit that I have never bought Maggie flowers from a store, but what I am wondering is if flowers picked on walks and placed in her hair count? Is it just the big moments in life that count or do all the little things along the way add up to something even greater? Is it just the big kisses that make one's toes curl or are little notes found in your purse that tell of love and affection monumental in there own right? Is it only the mountains that have beauty or can ripples in the sand still move your soul? Am I rationalizing this and trying to get out of buying flowers? Maybe....ok, here are some flowers Maggie. Not just one in your hair, but a whole field of flowers on the coast of blah blah-land. I didn't want to spoil this little surprise before the wedding but I am in the process right now of setting up this.....oh shoot, never mind, let's just say it worth telling everyone but I shouldn't quite yet...you know, just let the suspense build up a tad, that's romantic isn't it?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now That's Romance

I wouldn't call myself an incurable romantic. I'm not even that schmoopy or sentimental. Between the two of us, Bobby's probably got me beat in that category. I don't keep mementos and I'm not big on souvenirs. As far as dating goes, give me a good meal and I am 100 percent A-OK. But, I have one love, one weakness that I find desperately romantic...flowers. I love it when a guy gives me flowers. It hasn't happened too often but it can tip the scales in his favor. I dated a guy once that I didn't really like and he sent me flowers on my birthday...and I have to say that I started questioning my lack of liking for him.

Now, I love Bobby so incredibly much that I can feel it in my eyeballs, but I do have to call him out on one thing...this man has never brought me flowers. Several times I've made subtle hints, several times I've made not so subtle hints, but to no avail. For some reason he has refused to do this one thing that I think is the epitome of romance. Until this weekend. Here's what happened:

"My love, I have finally given in to all your griping and moaning about never getting flowers. Look what I did! I brought you a bright, beautiful bouquet of the lovely flora of God's great earth! See how the rhubarb pales in comparison to your beauty!"

"What?! You'd rather have roses?! But YOU can't make a pie for ME out of roses!"

Now that's romance!

*this event never occurred, Bobby did not present me with a bouquet of rhubarb, the whole thing was staged, and he is not the cad that this event portrays him to be. I will note, however, that Bobby STILL has yet to give me flowers.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Weekend

Bobby and I spent this weekend together in Morgantown. We had a lovely time watching conference and hearing the words of our prophet and the other general authorities. I'm so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The gospel means so much to me and having the peace and joy it brings to my life is so comforting when I look at the pain and heart ache that exists in the world. I am so happy to know that I am going to be marrying the man that I love and spending eternity with him.

And after looking at this picture, I realize every single picture we take is exactly the same! I'm always standing at Bobby's right and he always holds the camera, and they always look exactly the same! Boring! Okay, from now on...new pictures! Different angles! No more redundant, monotonous, same old photos...Well, we'll see. Bobby usually takes the pictures because his arm is longer than mine, and we just fit so well together that way. But I'll try, I promise!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I really am just posting this so that Bobby can see it and drool. The girl that I'm training to take my position at work, Leah, was talking about how much she loves strawberry rhubarb pie so I said I'd make one and bring it in. Bobby brought me a TON of rhubarb a while back and I had no idea what to do with it so I chopped it up and threw it in the freezer. When Bobby found out I was using HIS rhubarb to make a pie for someone ELSE, he was slightly perturbed. So I promised him I would make him a pie this weekend. After all, the way to this man's heart is through his stomach. I'm smart...I learned that a looong time ago.