Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day Maggie, the love of my life!!! Of course I have to mention my second valentine's sweetness Ruby too. Maggie I love you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't thank Heavenly Father for you in my life: wonderful wife, fabulous mother, and incredible at everything you do. Here is an original poem to mark this occasion:

Searching and searching and never quite finding
Is the story of my past that once was blinding
Professional bachelor with not even a clue
No understanding of a me and a you
Then in the autumn of school I searched for a date
Barely even a hope of finding a mate
Then what to my surprise comes down from the escalator
A super hot girl who almost said see you later
She gave me a chance and let me prove to her then
That I was more a five who thought himself a ten
Then through the months that followed we happened to see
A beautiful courtship growing tall like a tree
With roots that grew down into the deep
Of the heart of boy with a lot of reluctance
That fell in love with the girl with so very much substance
She had it all that could be and she never stopped
To amaze this poor boy, that the chains she had chopped
That kept him down from progressing through life
Being halted and grounded without a great wife
To be what his Heavenly Father knew he could
Becoming a husband and father like he felt he would
She worked on hard on this boy teaching him manners and such
Inspiring with sweetness she loved him so much
First seeking her Father's heart felt permission
They got sealed in the snow in the land of a mission
Starting Eternity together was a dream for this man
Who had no idea how this woman could plan
With the painting and sewing that was now to take place
He could see the real vision that came from her taste
He continued to grow and to change his demeanor
Shedding roughnes and smoothing to becoming much leaner
Chisled and ready for becoming a Father
He stepped up to plate and we had a daughter
The Gem of our lives with her love and her spunk
Ruby kisses and loves and dances with funk
With her eyes bright as stars and words like honey
She gives us a giggle knowing she's funny
Now we are working on more kids and expecting one more
Now one kid, soon two, and someday four
So I'm ending this poem with so much to say
About the girl who I love on this Valentine's day
Thank you so much for all you are to me
The bride of my soul for all Eternity

I love you baby!!! Hope this is better than some chocolates filled with pink and orange stuff.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lack of Motivation

Yup, that's what I'm suffering from these days. I don't know if it's just being 21 weeks pregnant, enjoying the beauty and fun-ness of our new home and town, or if I just am plain lazy these days. Whatever it is, Bobby keeps asking me if there's going to be a new blog post and I say, "Nope!". Bummer. Sorry.

Well, here's a rundown of life here in Colorado lately (and once we upload photos and videos from our iphones you'll have a visual too). We love it here...and I mean love. Our short stint in Beeville reminded me how much I'm not cut out for small towns. I love having all my shopping and errand running to be a quick drive and I love having all the choices of where to go. And the grocery stores and food options...I could go on and on about that. Especially with how much I enjoy baking and cooking, it's nice to have a huge selection to choose from and especially the organic options here in CO. So. Nice.

As far as the bun in the oven is concerned....Our little bun has a name and it's Jack Richard. Yup, he's a boy! We found out a week ago and we're excited and my uber-focused obsessive tendencies are now kicking in as I'm thinking about what we'll do for the nursery. I've already got some fabrics that I like and now I'm looking at paint swatches and Bobby is trying not to show the dread on his face when I tell him it's time to start painting soon.

Ruby is loving Colorado as well. We've started going to storytime at the library and she's loved playing in the snow and going to the park when the weather allows. She's getting so big and I can't believe she's going to be 2 in just a matter of weeks.

Bobby loves his job and is really enjoying the clinic where he's working.

So I guess that means we're happy here! Yes, indeed!