Friday, January 2, 2009

Date Number 3: Cambridge and the Kiss

After our Wheeling date, I was bound and determined not to see this boy again. There were no fireworks, no sparks, nothing that really made me feel anything more than friendship for him. But I liked our friendship a lot. He was easy to talk to, had a fun sense of humor and I liked how he made me feel about myself and the world. I hadn't enjoyed a friendship with a guy this much in a long time and it made me wonder if there could be more. Maybe I just had to give it a little time. Maybe Bobby was one of those personalities that could grow on me. I felt like I wanted it to be that way. Even though I thought our first two dates had been less than stellar, I realized I wanted to keep him in my life. Thus, date number three.

So, just before Christmas it was my turn to pick location and activity, so I did some research and found Cambridge, Ohio. A cute little town only an hour and fifteen minutes from me. Ha! Take that, Bobby! He would have to drive farther than me this time! I found a site online about Cambridge and discovered that every year they have their own Dickins Village where they have figures dressed in Dickins era clothes and spread in vignettes along the main street. Sounded charming.

We met for lunch and went to Theo's and had a good meal and some delicious pie. I was thoroughly happy by this point. There are few things in this world that can make me more satisfied than good dessert. We wandered around the main street for a while looking in shops and checking out the Dickins characters. They were more creepy than anything, and we had a good laugh. After walking we decided to do something else and went to the park.

We spent some time swinging and playing on the jungle gyms and then went back to the swings. While we were swinging we started jumping off the swings and seeing how far we could go. Bobby made a bet: whoever could jump the farthest won something. I asked what and immediately he said a kiss. "Great," I thought, "he's doing this because he knows he's going to win, there's no fairness in making a bet you know you're going to win!" But, I have to admit, I was warming up at this point, and the thought of kissing him didn't bother me. I had been truly having fun with him and I realized this was the first time that I had felt totally comfortable and enjoying a date with him. So we jumped, and yes, he won. And yes, he kissed me. Just a quick kiss, no big deal. But goodness, it changed something in him, because after that he wouldn't stop holding my hand (first time for that too) and kissing me on the cheek. He was really pretty cute about it.

Then a movie. I don't remember at all what we saw. I just remember that we sat down in the theater and he leaned over with this big goofy grin and kissed me on the cheek. And I thought, "Gosh, he's really excited to be here with me. This guy likes me a lot. I need to try a little harder." Because, really, I liked spending time with him. So I broached the subject of New Year's. "So, I have New Year's Day off and was wandering if you would want me to come see you for New Year's Eve?" He smiled, "That would be great!"

Realization: I want to go out with this boy again.

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