Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boppy Lounging

After I'm done nursing Ruby, I usually toss the boppy on the floor and let her crawl on it and play with it. Lately she's started draping herself over it and just chillin' for a minute or two before she goes on her way. Although sometimes she buries her face in it and then proceeds to start banging her head against it. Well, at least the boppy than the floor.

You can also see a war wound she got a couple days ago. We were both minding our own business when I heard a thunk. Whenever I hear that I cringe and wait for the outcome. Usually it's no more than a grunt, maybe a little moan, and then she's back to whatever it was she was doing. Not this time...there was a wail, so I went to get her, I set her down in front of the computer and she was just fine mashing keys. She got a really good goose egg on her head and a nice bruise.

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