Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nice Weather

We had a couple days of gorgeous weather and it was so refreshing! I decided Ruby and I needed to go for a walk to the park. We haven't been out on a walk for four or five months now and Ruby loved it! I put her in the stroller and we started down the street and she kicked her legs and waved her arms and squealed with delight. I think she was absolutely thrilled to be out of the house and going for an adventure.

We walked down to the park and had fun swinging and watching all the little kids that were out enjoying the sunshine with us. Then we packed up and went home and she took a long nap. I can't wait until the spring is here and Ruby can enjoy being outside again. I miss our morning walks and I know Ruby misses seeing things other than the house and Walmart. Boring.


Annie said...

I love the hat. Did she keep it in?

Maggie said...

bobby's mom gave her the hat and she didn't touch it the whole time it was on her head, which is a miracle.