Tuesday, February 15, 2011


That better be what Ruby's up to these days, or I just might go crazy. Our girl is so easy-going and good-natured that when she gets cranky and fussy we just don't know what to do because we're not used to it. The last couple days Ruby has been a total diva. She needs to be coddled, loved on and has to have her way or she lets us know just what she thinks about us. I can't do anything on the computer without her coming over and having a royal fit that I won't let her bash the keys. Can I just tell you how grateful I am that she is usually so happy and content? She has spoiled us so much with her fun personality and how easy she is to take care of. Seeing her be just a little bit cranky really helps me appreciate her all the more.

And can you believe she's going to be a year old in less than a month? Had to get that in there, because it absolutely dumbfounds me.

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