Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Hairdo

Ruby has started ripping out just about any bow or clippie I put in her hair. She sees me coming with it and the instant my hands leave her head, she reaches up and starts yanking until it comes out. Then she twiddles the clippie around in her hands for a minute and then tries to put it back in herself. So I sit and watch and when she seems like she wants it back in her hair, I put it back in, hoping that she'll leave it alone. No luck. She immediately reaches back up and pulls her bow out.

So I've been trying to do her hair so that she can't ruin it (and lose her clippie...she's already lost one and nearly lost another, but I managed to save it before she dumped it out of her car seat).

I bought some little colored elastics and have been experimenting doing her hair with those. She tries to grab them but finds that there's really nothing big or exciting in her hair and so she leaves them alone. Success!


Annie said...

Very cute!

McArthur Family said...

seriously , such a gorgeous kid!