Friday, February 25, 2011

A New View

One morning it was raining and so I opened our front door so Ruby could take a look. She's always been curious about the front door; anytime we go to open it she crawls over as fast as she can to examine what's going on. But we've never really let her spend any time there.

So I opened the door and just let her look around. She loved it. She stood there for a good ten minutes watching the cars, the rain, the people...the garbage truck. Wow, who knew a garbage truck could be so exciting? Especially when the garbage man waved to her. And then she got to watch Daddy drive away to school. I think this may have to be a part of our daily routine.


Jamie and Brad said...

My neighbors little girl loves to sit in the front window and watch as her daddy leaves in the mornings. The best is when he comes home, she is sitting in the window waiving and excited to see him and him to see her. Its the cutest thing ever!

Junkermeier said...

This is such a cute picture.

Grandma Kathy said...

I love this - it is so cute! You ought to let her look out every day!