Saturday, January 29, 2011

Black Beans

Ruby has gotten really good at feeding herself. And she enjoys most foods and will eat just about anything. I made some black beans for dinner one night and she loved them...and the cornbread that went with them. I think this girl is a carb-lover. It's so fun to watch her eat, or should I say, listen to her eat when she really enjoys something. There's lots of "mmmmm"s that go on. And of course, when you have something as squishy as black beans to eat and you're a 10 month old, you're bound to make a mess.

So cute. Yeah, what isn't so cute is how much fun she's having dropping her food on the floor. She'll pick up a piece so delicately in her little fingers and lean over in her highchair and watch as it falls to the floor. Then she hangs over the side staring at her achievement. It's driving me crazy.

And remember how she would dig any bits of food out of her bib and eat them? Well, she's figured out she can now put them into her bib, or leave bits in the seat of her chair and save them for later. Gross. I have to be really careful now to clean out her seat and her bib, or as soon as she sits down for her next meal she's looking for hors d'ouvres.


Rob said...

Just think about her saving food as her way of doing food storage.

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Day after day, cleaning the floor after every meal. Oh, the frustration! It is no fun for you, that's for sure. But alas, I'm sure eventually it will lose its appeal!

Olivia said...

I remember a dinner at your mom and dad's where everyone was laughing at Lilly dropping food. Well - except her parents. Funny how it's not so funny when it's your sweet little girl:)