Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wheeling Park

Bobby and I spent yesterday in Wheeling, WV just enjoying the beautiful autumn weather and eachother (really not enjoying Wheeling that much, because let's face it, Wheeling doesn't have that much to offer). A long time ago Wheeling used to be a big coal/iron/steel city and was a booming place...alas times have changed, luck turned, and now Wheeling is just a dead city. Although there is a casino! When I need to get my much needed dose of cigarette smoke, gambling and your garden variety carousing in, I can always go there. No. I'm just kidding.

We spent the day eating lunch at a chinese restaurant, eating ice cream and the best part was spending a few moments in the park. The leaves turning made it a wash of brilliant colors, and the sunshine and crisp air was perfect. I love beautiful fall days!

We found this statue dedicated to those who fought in the Civil War:

What I do enjoy about these funny little places where we meet is learning about the local history and the interesting stories behind them. We've definitely made some very fun memories along the way, and though I really won't miss all this ridiculous meeting for a few hours and saying goodbye, I will enjoy the experiences we've had learning more about eachother and finding little spots that are just ours.


Annie said...

And it's fun that you find new things in these towns that you've been in several times. You'll have to document any new discoveries you make in Wheeling :)

Alyxendria said...

Hi Bobby and Maggie ! Just wanted to say Hello.