Monday, October 13, 2008

Frisbee Golf

Bobby and I went to a frisbee golf course near my place on Saturday. The location was scenic and gorgeous, the weather was glorious and all was lovely. Except my throwing a frisbee. There's one little problem with it: I can't throw one. Okay, I can throw a frisbee...kind just ends up only going about twenty feet, in the WRONG direction. See, I look like I can throw a frisbee:

Now, Bobby on the other hand, can throw a frisbee quite well. His sailed through the air beautifully. Although, I think he looked a little silly.

He kept telling me, "Snap your wrist! It's all in the butt! Use your hips!" I think he just wanted to see me waggle my derriere in front of him.

And by the time we were leaving the moon was fat and lazy in the sky and absolutely beautiful.


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

How fun! Daniel and I were going to go frisbee golfing (or "frolfing" as we call it) on Saturday as well, but after playing ultimate frisbee in the morning, I was beat!

We will have to practice our frolfing skills once you move to Morgantown! Madeleine would love to critique!

Annie said...

Don't worry, Maggie, I have the same problem you do. And Bobby looks like he's going to start pulling out the ballet moves right there on the grass. Too bad he wasn't wearing tights :)

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

You guys are always having so much fun!