Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blueberries and French Toast

So, I may have mentioned that Ruby enjoys eating. Especially now that she's trying more and more new finger foods. We had french toast with blueberries for dinner one night and inhaled might be a better word for how she ate. She couldn't get enough of it...let's just say our little girl ate an entire piece of french toast plus about a fourth cup of blueberries all by her little skinny self. Where does a stomach that tiny put all that food?!

Needless to say, Ruby made a huge mess and despite a nice soapy bath from Daddy, her hands still have a purple tinge.

She's also perfected another trick. Her bib has a pocket at the bottom to catch any wayward crumbs and helps make my job of cleaning up a little easier. Ruby has caught onto this, and now when her tray is empty she'll start cleaning out her bib. Seriously, we really do feed this girl enough!


McArthur Family said...

While watching the video, I wanted to toss some blueberries in there for her! =) She and my Colt could have a quite a blueberry fest together.

Grandma Kathy said...

Bring her to us and we will feed her all the blueberries she wants - we will take her Kneaders for all you can eat French toast!

Junkermeier said...

Blueberries and a toddler. You are either very crazy, or very sure that you can get any stain out of anything. :-)