Friday, January 7, 2011


Ruby has finally mastered the art of pulling herself up to standing! For a few weeks now she's been able to pull herself to her knees, but that was the extent of those shenanigans. The other day I was playing the PS3 and left the controller on the couch, just out of her reach. She decided to take matters into her own hands and with a lot of yelling out of frustration, she finally stood up and claimed her prize. Bobby wasn't in the room, so I called for him to come and see and we made her repeat the performance again. I'm sure she thought we were the meanest parents to make her work so hard again and she let us know it!

Now she just pulls herself up with out a problem but the obstacle now is getting down. She hasn't quite figured that part out yet and when she gets tired of standing up she gets mad and let's us know it. Hopefully she'll figure it out soon, because I can't handle mad Ruby...I prefer sweet, laughing Ruby better.

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