Tuesday, January 4, 2011

True Love

Quite often I mindlessly piddle around on the internet, not looking at anything in particular, probably wasting brain cells and hours of my life away. I also have a lot of sites that I look at that are important to me, I find them inspiring...they're about design, cooking, family....and I love browsing through them getting ideas and learning more about things I'm interested in and affirming what I know I like and don't like. I also stumble across little hidden gems that make me smile and appreciate my life.

Today that happened. One of the blogs I follow had a video someone had made about their experience adopting a boy from Ethiopia. They already had two children and thought their family was complete. But they felt they needed to do something to help a child, and so they decided to adopt. The video brought tears to my eyes, because that one little child was so happy. When he saw his adoptive parents return to the orphanage to take him home, he ran to them with a huge smile on his face. I am in awe of anyone who will sacrifice the time, expense and bureaucratic hassle to adopt a child. It's not an easy process, but it changes a child's life forever.

After Ruby was born both Bobby and I have talked about how much more sensitive we are to situations involving children. Shows, movies or news that involve children being hurt for whatever reason, ruffle our feathers and we get angry. Ruby has just emphasized to us how precious these little ones are and that so many of these little children of our Heavenly Father don't have anything going for them.

I'm so grateful that our little girl has us to love her, support her and provide her with a good life. We always wonder if what we're doing is enough for her, if she'll grow up to be a lovely, kind, spiritual woman who makes good choices and will be strong enough to take whatever life throws at her. I know both our parents did that for us and we're forever in their debt. Whatever this life may bring us, Ruby will always know that she had two parents who love each other and love her unconditionally.

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