Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Morning Buddy

I was just going about my business this morning, cleaning the kitchen, working on a new kitchen curtain in the living room, when I heard some tapping against the kitchen window. I looked in and saw this little guy hanging out on the ledge:

What a cutie-patootie!(He's an American Goldfinch, in case you're wondering). I ran to get my camera, chanting to myself "Don't fly away, don't fly away!" I had little to worry about because he hung out all morning, tapping against the window, just chilling on the ledge and looking in. I think he was bored and wanted to play. Or eat my food. Or poop in my newly cleaned kitchen. Take your pick. But he made me smile.


Annie said...

Lilly loves this little bird and wants to see more pictures.

bob said...

Maggie is at home checking our blog every once in a while and so I just wanted to surprise her with an "I love you". Have fun feeding the pigs.