Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby Birds

In the front of our house we have a couple bushes. A couple weeks ago I noticed a little sparrow flying in and out of one of them. So I looked and she had been building a nest there. It's been fun watching her fly around and see her tending her nest but we never saw if there were eggs yet.

Today we looked and saw cute little babies inside, waiting for mommy to come back and feed them. So I had to take a picture. Mommy bird sat patiently by our front door while I took a picture and then immediately went back to check on her babies.

Daddy was standing by too with a little snack in his beak for the kids.


Annie said...

So cute! This brings back so many memories of all the birds that would build nests anywhere and everywhere around our house. And our whole family was always so protective of them!

Mom said...

I love it!We have a barn swallow nest on our front porch again. This year it is on the wall under the eaves instead of on top of the porch light. The mother bird is nesting right now. I don't know if she has eggs in there yet or not.
Keep us up with pictures of your little birds!