Saturday, June 27, 2009

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Can I tell you how much I'm loving my Cook's Illustrated? For my birthday, Bobby and his mother got me a subscription and the first one arrived a couple days ago. After seeing how great the Summer Entertaining issue was, Bobby was pretty excited to see my first regular issue come in the mail. And he just about fought me for rights to read it first. But I handily snatched it from him and told him it was my birthday present, so hands off!

There were so many things from the issue I want to make, and Bobby has a list going too, but what I absolutely needed to start with were chocolate chip cookies which pompously claimed to be perfect. How could I resist?

The recipe was a little different and slightly more involved than your typical dump-everything-in-a-bowl-and-poof-there-you-have-it cookies. And there's good reason for it: these were to die for. Nice and crisp on the outside, chewy goodness on the inside, lovely warm toffee flavors with smooth dark chocolate chips. They were sinful.

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Annie said...

You need to tell Bobby that if he wants all these Cook's Illustrated recipes made, he's going to have to lay off the "Maggie-needs-to-find-a-job" thing :)