Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lunch Date

So Bobby has officially claimed the title of Best Fiancee Ever. I knew he was close before, but Tuesday cinched the deal. Classes were cancelled on Tuesday because of the election and so I assumed that he would be spending the day cleaning his house (who am I kidding?), studying (nope, he's rejoicing after getting a 90% and an 86% on his tests--way to go, baby!), and working out. Instead, as I am walking out the door of Crate & Barrel to go to lunch, who pops in but Bobby! With a bouquet of red roses in hand!

And here's the kicker....he drove three hours just to meet me FOR LUNCH. Not for the afternoon or the rest of the day, but just for lunch. We ate food and walked around for an hour before he got right back in his car and drove three hours home. He made me feel so special, so loved and like the most important person in the world.

I'm so excited to marry this man I think my eyeballs might pop out of my head!


Jonathan said...

So is this the first time Bobby's given you flowers?

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Way to go, Bob! I am so glad the two of you found one another!

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

We know he is great, but let's keep those eyeballs in your head--think of your wedding pictures. Yikes!!!

McArthur Family said...

Love it! Way to go Bob!

Annie said...

So as Jonathan and I were reading your last blog post, I kept reading "Fiance-e-e-e". I had always thought the word was just "fiance." Then I turned to Jonathan and said, "Well, she knows French. Maybe there's a masculine and feminine form of the word."

So we looked it up, and you learn something new every day. "Fiancee" is a girl engaged to be married, but a "fiance" is a guy engaged to be married. And Jonathan and I both thought, "Wow, who knew." And we thought you were all tricky and knew exactly what you were doing. Until this post :)

So you'd better not refer to Bobby as your "fiancee" anymore, not after proving his absolute studliness in this post :)

Jonathan said...

I guess you don't have to ask for the editing "Monster" when you're her twin sister. (See "Quirky is as quirky does" #1)