Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bob's Quirks

I thought I was in the clear and wouldn't have to write about my quirks, but alas here I am typing about what some people might label as quirks.

1. Much like Maggie and her need to point out furniture, I zone in on.....yes, that's right, right on the mouth. Its so funny to study about teeth and then see all these little things you learn applied in real life.

2. I definitely have a need to be right, which is a hoot because my dear Maggie has the same need. We have found that google is the best source of resolving our "points of view" on whatever subject we might think we are right on. I have kept a rigorous tally and I am happy to say that I am ahead :)-->I'm gonna pay for that comment.

3. I am a huge foodie! This comes from having two parents who are both amazing cooks and showed their love through doing things for their children; we always had "good eats!"

4. My grammer really stinks and my handwriting is atrocious, but I don't care enough to ever do anything about it.

5. I pick up pennies because they bring great luck and because its one step closer to a million dollars. I have an area of change for found coins and one for spare change from my pocket, these can never get mixed because found coins are sacred.

6. I am pretty darned nostalgic!! I keep things because I love to go through boxes and remember the feeling I had when I used that item. Some might call this a hoarder, but I call it a collector of memories.

I added two extra because I have way too many quirks and I couldn't stop with just 6...

7. I might be random on some things but much of my life is pretty regimented. I have to do certain things each day or that day cannot be complete.

8. My views are pretty black and white, very few grays. This saves me a lot of confusion about topics and time wondering about the externalities. So far this approach leads to quirk number two :)


Annie said...

Your quirks made me laugh, especially #2. Jonathan and I have said that we'd like to be flies on the wall in one of your "No, I'm right" discussions.

Kristen said...

So about that million dollars, I am so excited to be taking you and your darling Maggie on an all expenses paid trip, according to our deal made many moons ago. FYI you have to be completely out of debt before the million dollars counts. If you aren't, then you really don't have a million dollars. Yes, I am a Dave Ramsey groupie.