Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is how the merger starts...

Bobby and I have had some very brief conversations about how we're going to combine households. We've both been on our own for so long that we're pretty established, but trying to figure out how everything will fit together hasn't been the headache you think it might be. Our conversations have usually gone something like this:

Maggie: My dearest love, what do you think about....

Bobby: Oh my angel, I think that sounds wonderful! Why don't we do that?

Maggie: Love of my life, you really don't care, do you?

Bobby: Nope, couldn't care less, goddess of my dreams.

Bobby has actually been really easy going about what changes we make with the house, and with my love for organization and design, it's made the idea of making HIS house OUR house very exciting.

So we started the process over Labor Day weekend, and it began in the kitchen. He had moved in and just put his food wherever it would fit, and having a pretty small kitchen, that didn't leave much room for anything else. So we went to Lowes and bought a cabinet to use as a pantry. I put it together and organized the food while Bobby studied. He did contribute, don't worry. But mostly just to ask me why I was chucking stuff that was 4 years old or he never had any intention of ever using, but it was a great deal when he bought it. I do have to say, this is one man that can't pass up a sale.

So now we have a beautiful new pantry to keep all the food in.

And the 4 other cabinets that were being used to house food now are free to use for dishes and pots and pans, and other things that I will be bringing. And I no longer have to ask Bobby where something is and get a silly look from him that says something like, "Well I'm sure I have it, you just have to look there, there, there or there for it."


Annie said...

That's nice you could find a cabinet that's a similar style as the rest of the cupboards. It looks like his kitchen is pretty cute. You'll have to take a few more pictures of it so I can see what the whole thing looks like. Love you both!

Mom said...

That kitchen looks so cute. I love it. I want to see the rest of the house. I love you and Bobby, too!

Tara Bellamy said...

I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to meet bobby :)

McArthur Family said...

So funny! I loved the commentary at the beginning. Whip that entry out in about 2 years when the honeymoon phase has worn off and remember how marvelously you got a long during the "engagement" phase. It will bring much love and laughter to your future "merges".