Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So, when I was driving back from Morgantown on Sunday night the wind started picking up and before I knew it I was being buffeted across the highway by 75 mph wind gusts. I went into defensive driver mode, hands at 10 and 2, brow furled in concentration, as I watched leaves, twigs and debris sailing through the air and occasionally pelting my car.

Wow, I thought, Ike sure has a grudge against something. Then as I entered Columbus I thought something seemed weird. I realized it was that there wasn't any light. Now, I'm not talking about a few lights out...I mean NO light whatsoever. (500,000 people lost power that night).

As the spoiled, over-abundantly blessed brat that I am, I immediately thought, "Great, now what am I supposed to do? Wash my face in the dark?" I lit a candle, got ready for bed and slept, thinking it would last a couple hours. Try 24. It was actually quite amusing, and I totally laughed at myself for it. I had my candle, showering not knowing if I was using shampoo, trying to look through my closet to find matching clothes, reading my scriptures over breakfast. I lost all the food in my fridge (luckily my freezer made it).

And through it all I realized how incredibly lucky I am. I had to survive a few hours in the dark. Most of Columbus is still without power and will be until Friday. I didn't even have to bear the brunt of Ike like those on the gulf coast did. I didn't have a house destroyed or really lose anything (other than my flower box...I still don't know where that ended up).

I thank Heavenly Father for the many blessing He has given me, most of which I am entirely unworthy. I have such a wonderful life and so many things to be grateful for...electricity not being the least of them.


Brad and Jamie said...

That would have been a scary ride. I'm glad you made it home safe & that you didn't have to live by candle light for to long, but maybe just long enough!

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Scary! I am so glad you made it home alright! P.S I love Bob's hair that short!

Lonely Paul said...


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

That is some scary business!

Annie said...

By the way, you can delete lonely paul's comment if you want. The creep left a comment on our blog, too.