Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ah, West Virginia!

One thing I have to admit about West Virginia is that it is an absolutely beautiful state. I may moan and complain about everything Morgantown lacks, and the fact that I'm leaving behind a job that I love for who knows what, but the fact remains that West Virginia is beautiful. I look forward to hiking, camping and spending some marvelous times outside enjoying the glorious world.

Bobby took this photo while driving home from a weekend of military. And one thing that I love about our relationship is that, while Bobby has always admired the beauty of the world and appreciated it, since meeting me and seeing how much the grandeur of God's creations touch me, he notices everything more. We'll go for walks or drives and he'll point something out like a sunset or wildlife or flowers, knowing that I'll be happier for having seen more beauty in the world.


Jonathan said...

For some strange reason I can hear John Denver. "Almost heaven, West Virginia... Life is old there, older than the trees younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze. Country roads..."

Annie said...

I'm glad you're finding the good things about moving to West Virginia (besides the obvious fact that that's where Bobby is). I'm excited to hear about your outdoor adventures.