Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There goes the hair...

So as some of you may have noticed, Bobby is losing his hair. Duh. We both have very differing opinions on the matter: Bobby is keenly aware of the fact that his lustrous, thick, beautiful hair is going the way of all the earth. He hates it deep down in his soul and would give anything for all that lovely hair to resprout. I, on the other hand, don't care. I think he's just as cute, just as handsome and just as kissable with or without hair. I don't think the locks make the man.

I do, however, think that balding men who shave their heads are extremely sexy and confident. To me, there is just something about a man who shaves his head that says: I accept what is happening to my head and I am letting it go. Bobby, of course, has a drastically different line of thought on this matter as well. To him, these men who have shaved their heads are pansies; they have surrendered and raised the white flag.

So, several times I have asked him if he would shave his head because I really want to see what he would look like. And everytime he has flat out refused. Except the last time...he came with a bargaining chip: if I grow my hair out so that it can go in a pony tail, he would shave his head. I refused. I love my hair short and growing it out would require my morning routine to grow longer as my hair did. But then I wised up and realized if I wanted his hair gone, I would have to sacrifice.

So this weekend we shaved his head. This is what I thought he looked like. A very HOT man. And I love rubbing his head.

This is what he thinks he looks like. A moronic wuss who has tucked his tail between his legs and given up.

So, needless to say, he is now growing his hair back. And I'm sad. But not too much, because I still think he's sexy.


Annie said...

So does that mean you can chop your hair again since he's growing his back?

Maggie said...

absolutely! once it goes in a pony tail, it's getting the ax!

Brad and Jamie said...

He acually has a good head to go chrome! I think he should keep it.

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

You want to be a real man? Lets see it without the eyebrows!
Dan "the man" Johnson

Jonathan said...

This is not safe for me to view. It is giving me the itch to shave my head.