Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just a little scare...

Yeah, so we've had a rough couple of days, and because of that you'll get to have a whole slew of new blog posts because I'm stuck with bedrest for at least a week. Of course it would take something like that to kick my butt into writing on the blog again.

This may be TMI for some of the men who read this blog, and if that's the case, I apologize, but you're going to have to deal.

Wednesday evening we were getting Ruby ready for bed when I noticed I had some bleeding and so I talked to the on-call midwife and she ran a few questions by me and then told us we better come to the hospital to be evaluated. So Bobby and I whisked up Ruby, grabbed a few things for her and dropped her off at some friends' (to whom we are so thankful) and were on our way.

We got to the hospital, got hooked up to monitors and found out I was contracting every 3-4 minutes and then I became a human pincushion. I got an IV, a couple shots that night to try and stop the contractions, a couple more shots of steroids to develop Jack's lungs in case he came early, blood drawn a few times. My arms are covered in bruises and I would be quite happy never to be poked again.

On Thursday we played the waiting game. We waited for an ultrasound to check the state of my "irritable uterus", to see if Jack was okay and if the placenta was still doing what it should. We waited and we waited. Finally about four o'clock we got our ultrasound and saw that everything looked wonderful. Nothing was wrong with any bit of my body, Jack looked beautiful (and he's going to be born with a full head of hair, in case you were wondering) and whatever was happening couldn't be diagnosed by looking in my body. We waited to see what the doctors and midwives thought. We waited and waited and finally were told I better stay another night, just in case.

Friday I woke up with contractions still happening, but not causing anything adverse, so they decided I could go home! Yay! Oh yeah, and then the contractions started coming more frequently and a little more intensely. So I got a couple more shots...did I mention I was sick of this yet? And I was on the monitor for a little while longer. After some time the contractions eased up again and it was decided I could go home, because nothing they were doing at the hospital was really working and the contractions didn't seem to be affecting me or Jack adversely.

So now we're home. Thank goodness! I'm taking some pills to help keep contractions at bay and now I'm stuck in bed for a week. Fun stuff. But you know, through all of this I haven't really been worried. Before we left for the hospital I had Bobby give me a blessing, and I know that Heavenly Father has been watching out for me and our little boy. If he came now it wouldn't be easy, but he'd be fine. I have an admission to make, I haven't at any point during this pregnancy been thrilled or thoroughly excited about's just been...there. Something my body is doing and I'm just going along for the ride. But as soon as I realized that there could potentially be something dangerously wrong with my body and Jack's health was involved, love kicked in hugely, and I started talking to the boy growing in my belly and praying that he would be okay. All of sudden I needed to fight for my peanut and I wanted to protect him fiercely. Out of all of this craziness, I think this was the most important outcome that could have happened.

Our little family is going to get bigger sometime between now and June and whenever it needs to happen is just fine. We'll get through whatever happens and we'll love each other all the more for it.


Annie Oldham said...

Another of Lilly's prayers I forgot to tell you about. "Please bless Jacky to be okay."

She had dropped the nickname for a while, but it came back full force when she was praying for you :)

The Chris and Rebecca Wood Family said...

I'm so glad you posted what is going on since you never get full stories from boys( Chris' fault not Bobby's). We're praying for you and Jack and believe you'll both be just fine. He's obviously excited to join your family. Good luck!

Kristen Brady said...

So glad you and baby Jack are okay. Hang in there!