Thursday, April 19, 2012

Going Shopping

Ruby loves to go with us to run errands. Every time one of us tells her we're going somewhere she always points to herself and says, "Me too." She hates to be left behind. And she knows the benefits of every store we go to.

King Soopers has free cookies.

Walmart has a Puumba ride that I've let her go on a few times.

And Target has a big red ball she can sit on.

It's nice that she's so easily amused!


Annie Oldham said...

Our Walmart used to have a Dumbo ride. I never paid for it, but Lilly loved to sit on it when we went. It was the source of some contention, too. I was sooo glad when they took it out :)

Grandma Kathy said...

I remember how every time we went to the grocery store you and Annie had to ride the little merry-go-round or the cars or whatever ride they had :)