Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A trip to Columbus

We took an overnight trip to Columbus this weekend to visit friends and attend the temple. We had a wonderful time catching up with my friends and spending a little time away from Morgantown. Thanks, Dan and Ciera, for your hospitality and giving Ruby a little someone to play with. She had such a great time hanging out with their little girl, Emory...and getting stuck in their toy basket.

On our way home we stopped in Cambridge and ate at Theo's. You might remember it from when we were dating, it was a frequent stop of ours. It was fun to wax nostalgic as we ate pretty good diner food and gorged ourselves on pie. We made some really great memories there and it was fun to be there again a couple years later with our little girl with us.


Mom said...

What a fun trip!

Shannon said...

Um, where did you get her shoes? I love them!