Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrating Easter

We had such a great Easter. Church was wonderful with lovely music about our Savior and inspiring messages. We enjoyed spending time with our friends afterwards, eating good food and having good conversation.

Ruby looked exceptionally cute. We put her hair in curlers for the first time, and she actually left them in her hair for most of the morning which was a miracle in and of itself. And she wore a cute dress that her grandma gave her.

We came home and gave Ruby her Easter box. Yeah, all our Easter baskets have been packed up already, so Ruby's gifts were in a little card board box, but she didn't mind one bit.

Of course there were sweets involved and Ruby devoured her cupcake. This girl doesn't mess around when it comes to dessert.


McArthur Family said...

so cute in curls. you guys are so close to being done! so excited for you!

Jamie and Brad said...

She looks adorable in her Easter Dress & curls!

Annie said...

Supremely cute!