Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Shower

On Friday I had my baby shower. A couple of my friends from the ward planned it and we had such a good time. Too bad the weather was so miserable, or more people could have been there. Can I just say, even though I love snow, that I'm getting sick of it and would love to see the grass and the sun again.

We had fun chatting, eating, playing games and opening presents. I am so grateful for all the friends that I have here in good old West Virginia.

For all the lovely ladies who came to celebrate with me, and to all those who wish they could have been there, thank you so much for the great time! I appreciate your friendship, and I'm sure Ruby will love to meet you!

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dave&abby johnson family said...

wow, so much fun!!! i bet they made you a darling quilt! i need to see it!