Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Friends

I've made some good friends since I've moved to West Virginia. One of them is Chad. Bobby's known him for a while now and they were good friends before I was in the picture. Bobby and Chad have loved to hang out and go mountain biking, and because they were such good friends before, I inherited Chad as a friend when I moved here. He's officially a Doctor now (you have to say it in a snooty voice, affecting a quasi-british accent) since he got his Phd in physics this year. We're both really excited for him and are wishing him the best in his job search.

So Chad came over for Sunday dinner for some good eats and good talk. Well, actually, the real reason he came over was so that he could bring some chicken nuggets and dipping sauce over (he has a thing for mustard in all it's variety, and Bobby and I bought him a jar of hot mustard sauce when we were at the ramp festival). Bobby came into Relief Society and asked if it was okay if Chad came over for dinner and could he bring chicken nuggets and sauce and I just smiled and said okay. Because if there's one thing I've learned....this man I'm married too is really a boy, and if he's allowed to play, he's extra nice to me.


Jamie said...

It is so true! They need to be able to play with their friends once in a while.

Kristen said...

It's so true! I love being married to a boy though - it sure makes life more fun!