Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feed the Birds (tuppance a bag....)

I've loved having a yard since I moved into Bobby's house. I've loved planting flowers and vegetables, looking at the blooming trees, and sitting out on our porch and looking at the beauty around us. I started thinking I wanted to get a bird feeder a few months ago as Bobby and I started talking about a garden. So when we went to Walmart this weekend we bought a couple (much to Bobby's chagrin...he doesn't particularly care about spending money on birds when they can find their own food for free).

We bought just a basic feeder and seed to attract the regulars and a few songbirds (cardinals, finches, etc.) The dog in the background is our neighbor's. We don't know his name, but he's uber-cute and Bobby calls him Patch and I call him One-Eyed-Willy.

Our other feeder is for orioles, which I'm very excited about.

Hopefully we'll have some feathered friends around soon and some photos to share.


Mom said...

I love bird feeders and watching the birds. I hope you see some orioles. I also like "One-eyed Willie"! That is a good name...if the Goonies had a dog, he would be it.

Ashley said...

I'm with you Maggie! I love feeding the birds...I got a bird feeder too. Sadly, the only critters I've had stop by are black birds and squirrels. They're like an evil dual. The black birds pick the seeds they want and spill the rest on ground. And the squirrels eat the leftovers that the black birds have spilled. I wouldn't mind if it was just the black birds, but the squirrels have tried to make a nest in my roof and that's just not cool. So sadly, no more bird seed for awhile (or I think my husband will shoot ME). :-)