Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Battle of the Sexes

So, first of all before I write a darned thing I have to say I am married to a very smart woman. She is observant, sharp as a whit, and spells a heck of a lot better than I do. I have to mention my observation that I am noticing as a trend on this blog, and in general--->every time Maggie says I think this and Bobby thinks that, or I do this and Bobby does that, the comments are a little one sided. Out of 50 comments on such posts 49 ladies comment about how right Maggie is out of 50. Is that really possible? I am going to start writing posts about camo and spitting and see how much of a response I, never mind that, Maggie will just erase it before it posts, she is very sneaky that lady of mine :) Also, if this post follows some other observed trends, I will get zero comments. She is in Idaho right now and I miss her a tremendous amount. I have nothing else to do except make a mess and post this blog entry.


Jonathan said...

That's the most depressing pity party I've ever had the pleasure of attending. I can't believe you're not wearing your camo and watching Sportcenter while cleaning a hand gun.

By the way we wish you were here.

Rob said...

Have a guy party you sad, sad shadow of a man! It's time to commune with your inner guy and hang out with the male population for a little bit and grunt and scratch yourself while playing PS3!

P.S. Jonathan says to man up while your wife is away.

Ashley said...

Oh Bobby, don't worry. You can be right some of the time. At least you get 1 out of 50. And at least you've already learned you ONLY get 1 out of 50. I think you already understand this marriage thing a lot better than some of your younger counterparts. Here's another little tid bit...I think girls grow up dreaming of the time they will be married and they can say, "I think this and my husband thinks that." We wait a long time to find the right guy to share that sort of fun, teasing banter with. For me, it's like really like I'm saying, "I have this husband and even though we think differently sometimes, we're in this thing together and he loves me so much that he lets me get my way 49 out 50 times." So, just look at it this way: 49 out of 50 times you get to show Maggie just how much you love her! :-)

Maggie said...

Bobby, this rambling post makes no sense at all, i think that's what jonathan and rob were trying to say...but i love you so much and miss you and can't wait to see you again.