Monday, April 13, 2009

Visiting Columbus

On Friday Bobby didn't have school and I didn't have work, so with our day off we went to Columbus to attend the temple and visit friends. We had a wonderful time, the temple was beautiful despite the rainy, dreary day.

After the temple, we went to Easton to visit Crate & Barrel and see all my old friends. It was nice to be back and see what everyone was up to. I still miss the fun I had there, even though Morgantown is now feeling like home.

After visiting Crate, Bobby and I went out to dinner with Lindy and Fredo. We had some mexican food and shared some great conversation and laughter.

Bobby and I drove home after and boy, I can sure say that I don't miss that drive at all...though it was much easier driving with Bobby and being with him the whole time rather than driving away from him and saying goodbye.

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Mom said...

What a nice day - to go to the Temple and then to spend time with old friends.