Friday, March 20, 2009

Tim Tam Slam

My dad and mom have had a wonderful sister in their mission, Sister Utupo, from New Zealand. She's a wonderful, sweet, exuberant girl and she's going home this week. While we were visiting Mom and Dad, Sister Utupo taught us how to do a traditional "Tim Tam Slam". Tim Tams are delicious little cookies from the Kiwis and Sister Utupo was kind enough to give us some and impart her wisdom with us. The cookies are filled with chocolatey goodness and you dip them in a hot drink, like cocoa, and enjoy the yumminess that follows. Yes, it may be a little decadent, a little fattening (okay, more than a little), but goodness, it sure can turn a bad day around, I'm sure.

Here are her directions:

And our own demonstration:

Of course, just eating the cookies is enough to make anyone happy.

We are now converts to the wonder that is slamming Tim Tams...Yum!


Annie said...

Your voice made me laugh in that video :)

Alyxendria said...

Hey Bobby that is so not fair, You totally made me hungry and remember what its like to have TIM TAMS all the time, I ofcourse email my cousin to send me all the different flavor of Tim Tams they have there. Well enjoy, You should also have some Twisties from there.....Maybe i can send you and maggie some when i get them. So yummy.

Berta Loosle said...

I couldn't resist commenting on this post. I LOVE tim tam slams! It's actually the only way I will eat them. I'm so glad you were able to experience the goodness! BTW...cute video!