Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chili Cook Off

On Friday night our ward had its annual chili cook off. I don't love chili, but I do enjoy it, so I thought I would pass this one on to Bobby, who does enjoy a good chili. He diligently went to work researching different recipes and found one that called for chipotles and chocolate. Mmmm...sounds like a winning combination to me. Then we found out that this chili cook off also included a cornbread contest. So I took over the cornbread front.

Things went a little off plan because Bobby got sick last week, so I ended up making the cornbread and the chili (he did dictate the recipe to me as I read it, though, so he was a little involved). That night we had a great time eating and chatting with friends and enjoying a variety of really good food.

Our chili didn't take home any honors (I've discovered most West Virginians don't like to deviate from standard operating procedures, including "different" chili) but my cornbread won best in show.

Mmmm...full bellies means happiness.


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

We sure had fun with you two!

Mom said...

Mmmm....chipotle and chocolate sound good to me. Congratulations on the cornbread! I would like the recipes.

Annie said...

So what was your cornbread recipe?