Thursday, August 8, 2013

The New Office

Well, since construction has officially commenced, we probably ought to update you on Bobby's own dental practice. He found a space he loved a few months ago and has been busy working with his consultant and architect to plan the space. With some of my input (okay, a lot of my input...Bobby hates this stuff) regarding materials and finishes we've finally got our selections and can show you the direction we're taking. It's going to be modern and fun and a little quirky and we're totally excited.

We're hunting for some art to decorate the space...we already have a really fun print of the Millenium Falcon that's getting framed as we speak, so this is definitely a project for Bobby's inner fanboy.

We'll take pictures as construction progresses. We're excited...are you?


Annie said...

I love the colors. Bobby's lucky to have married an artist!

B+J said...

You've made beautiful selections! Every little boy in town will want to visit the Star Wars dentist!