Thursday, August 1, 2013

Status of the boy

So Jack's been dropping on the percentile chart for weight for months now. Plummeting. He hung out around the 3rd percentile for a while but he fell off the chart a few months ago.

So our life has been filled with weight checks and questions from the pediatrician. We haven't been too worried because he's meeting milestones and eats and sleeps well and is one very happy boy. But our doctor wanted to be sure there wasn't something funny going on so he ordered some blood work and Jack had to get blood drawn. Let's just sum up the experience by saying he wasn't happy about it. At all.

But the tests came back just fine and Jack remains our happy skinny boy. At the last weight check he was still off the chart but he had maintained his curve.

No more weight checks. We just have to try to get him to eat as much butter, sour cream, cheese and fatty foods as possible. I'm jealous.

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