Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun with Family

We had such a great time with my sister and her family. The girls were in heaven and wore themselves out to the point of collapsing into bed each night. Annie and Jonathan planned their trip around the 4th of July so we enjoyed the small carnival our city puts on each year. Pony rides, jump houses, food, it was a good time.

And Ruby was able to enjoy her first fireworks. Another great thing about our new house? Location. The fireworks are set off in the park next to our neighborhood. So we could watch from our front yard, or walk 100 feet to the end of the street and see the whole show. Totally great.

And Annie bought a little face painting kit which the girls got a couple days worth of play out of. An entire afternoon with the cutest cats in existence? Yes please.

And since Grandpa gave us all the fishing bug, we drove up to Estes Park and fished in a private pond where they provide all the gear and clean your fish, you just pay for what you catch. The girls were very proud of their catches. And the dinner that night was absolutely delicious.

We also went to a local you-pick farm and brought home an obscene amount of sour cherries. We made jam, pie and crisp. Between those goodies and all the other food we gorged on that week, we all ended our vacation a couple pounds heavier. But it was so, so good.

Annie and Jonathan, we had such a great time! Thanks for the wonderful visit and memories. Don't stay away too long!

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