Friday, July 29, 2011

An Ottoman

Our living room arrangement is a little pathetic to say the least. Let me break it down for you: We left our big TV behind in West Virginia and just brought a little 13 incher to tide us over until we get a nicer one. That TV is sitting on a console about 10 feet from our sofa. The room is too big to hear the little TV, so we always scoot the sofa up until we're about 4 feet from it and we prop our feet up on a little tiny stool. Comfy? Great show watching? Not really.

Well, we've solved one dilemma. I've wanted to get a big ottoman to use as a coffee table. Something cozy for propping feet up and something soft that won't bash in little baby heads when they hit it. Looking around the only things I found that I even remotely liked were upwards of $300, so I thought, "Why not make one?"

And so I did. I'm pretty proud of myself on this one. Totally built, screwed, stapled and sewn from scratch.

Now for a bigger TV...