Saturday, December 4, 2010

So Fast

It's funny how when Ruby starts doing new things, she suddenly comes up with a whole slew of new developments. Case in point...within the last two weeks all of these have happened or are now starting to happen:

1. Crawling...this girl is on the move! She was really active when she inch-wormed, but now I think she loves how much faster she can go.
2. Self Feeding...she graduated to being spoon fed purees that have some chunks in them, but now she's starting to put food in her mouth herself.
3. Getting her first's now sharp and pointy but hasn't fully emerged yet.
4. Clapping...I tried so hard to get this on camera, but as soon as she saw what I was up to it was over.
5. Sitting up by herself...she's been able to sit unsupported for a while but has just started getting into that position by herself

This little girl is getting so big so fast, I can't believe how the time has flown by. We stopped by the dental school and ate lunch with Bobby this week and she was the hit of the day. Everyone loves her the moment they see her and she is more than happy to give her huge, gummy grins to any one who wants them. When Bobby and I told people that she was already 8 months old (almost 9!) I had to stop and just think to myself how amazing that is. I love Ruby so much and sometimes I feel like time is slipping away from me. I'm always so excited to see what she's going to do next in her development, but I want to hold onto these moments because they're so enchanting.

Bobby and I are so lucky to have been blessed and entrusted with such a precious little spirit. Ruby, we love you.

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