Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two Weeks

Ruby has been with us for two weeks as of yesterday. Man, has it seemed like forever! I can't remember a time when I wasn't exhausted. This little girl is so cute though and enthralls us with her sleep smiles and funny faces. I can't wait until it's really us that make her smile!

She's been pretty good at night. When we first brought her home from the hospital we thought we were very quickly going to lose any ounce of sanity we had. She woke up often and was pretty inconsolable for awhile. But after a few days, and my parents taking the first night shift, she settled into a routine of a little bit of fussing, going down by 11:30 and then waking up twice. But, miracle of miracles, she only woke up once two nights ago and then had a repeat performance last night. I'm still sleep deprived, but feel so much better than I did two weeks ago.

It's funny, in the hospital there was this kind of blissful time where I felt like I was on vacation with my new little family. Ruby was conked out most of the time and everything was so new and amazing that even her crying at night didn't seem so hard. But then once we came home, reality set in that this new little creature was truly ours and we were solely responsible for her entire well being and the whole deal quickly seemed overwhelming. Not to mention throwing hormonal craziness on top of that and I began to wonder if I'd ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But it just happens, life just works and somehow I find the energy everyday to do what needs to be done. And Ruby is such a blessing that while everything is definitely harder, everything is so much more worth it. Just to see her funny little expressions, wriggly little fingers and hear her little squeaks every day.


Mom said...

What a great post! Dad and I are so glad everything is going a little better!

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

I am so glad that you can see the positive side already. That is fabulous! I don't think anything can prepare you for becoming a mother or father, and it was certainly an adjustment that is hard to make it through. It sounds like you are doing great and looking at it from a wonderful perspective.